The Issue

I ran into a puzzling issue at a client using version, I was trying testing DRM validations using a query to ensure that the product was working properly after a new install. The validation I was testing was based off of a query; it was very simple.

The query itself was simple: return any leaf nodes that did not have a value for a particular property. When I ran the query itself in the “Queries” task it returned several results.

Here’s an example of my Validation based on a query:


When time came to test the validation, I would right click the dimension and in the dropdowns navigate to “Validate” and “Selected…” and select my Required Field validation – and every time it would complete with no errors. I found this odd: I could run the query and there would be results, but as a validation there would be none.

The Solution

Due to utilizing Node Types in this particular application, the validations feature cannot be run ad-hoc on dimensionality. Instead of right clicking and selecting a validation, the validation has to be applied to the Node Type itself.

By going to “Administer” and selecting a Node Type, you can add the validation to the Node Type itself. On the same screen as selecting the Properties to the Node Type, you can toggle over to the Validations page and assign them there:


So: when Node Types are not used, Validations can be selected and run ad-hoc. When Node Types are used, you have to assign them to the Node Type before they can be utilized.