The .500 Patch is here for the EPM suite – and there have been some significant changes to DRM as well. It’s a separate download that you can get here.

There were no new functions or core properties that were added to the functionality, but a lot of back-end changes and a lot of DRG enhancements (which was to be expected since its such a new product).

Here’s the list of changes made in the .500 patch:

DRG Enhancements:

  • Copy Workflow Models & Tasks

Useful for creating other workflows or tasks that are similar. Less re-work activity for administrators.

  • Automatic Update for Request Items

If a user goes in and updates a request, the request is automatically updated with the new information.

  • Governance web service API

A new web service API is available to automate, recognizing basic CRUD operations, the creation and submission of governance requests utilizing a workflow model.

External Connections Enhancements:

  • Improved Configuration for Database External Connections

-Filter by Schema, Object Name, and Object Type

  • Import from Read-Only Tables and Database Views

The big win here is that you can now connect and pull from databases and views that are read-only. This comes in handy with organizations that don’t want you pulling from a live table, or have strict data guidelines. The database user only needs “SELECT” access.

Additional “Back-End” Enhancements:

  • Stateful Session Mode for Web Service API

When multiple web service operations must be performed to complete a task, the stateful session mode is beneficial, because it minimizes the overhead of creating and terminating user sessions.

  • Version Delete in the background

This cuts down on time that you are ‘locked out’ of working while large versions delete. In order versions, a processing screen shows when a version is being deleted, not allowing the user to do other tasks unrelated to the delete.

 New Compatibility with:

  • Windows 8
  • IE 10 (yay!)
  • Firefox 24 ESR
  • Oracle DB 12c
  • Excel 2013

I’m personally very excited about the IE 10 compatibility – since IT departments often auto-deploy updates to user’s Internet Explorer versions, causing DRM to not work properly.


I’ll be doing a post soon on the expectations for DRM’s release so stay tuned!