If you are looking to use a Global Inheriting Property in your DRM implementation, in order for it to work correctly (and actually inhert the property down the tree) you must assign a hierarchy to be the “Controlling Hierarchy”. In other words, if DRM does not know WHICH hierarchy to base the property inheritance off of, it won’t inherit. A global property is set across any hierarchies in which  a node may reside, and will always be set the same version-wide.

See below – the Global Inheriting Property HFM_AccountType is set for the Assets line as “ASSET”, however, the inheriting property does not flow down to Cash, ST_Investments, etc.

Non Inheriting Pic

Note: If you use a local inheriting property it is no problem, because it is based off of any hierarchy locally. However, it then could become inconsistent between hierarchies – which might not be what you want.


Assigning Control to a Hierarchy

Assigning a hierarchy to be the controlling hierarchy is very simple – first, click on the hierarchy you would like to be the controlling hierarchy. In the hierarchy window dropdown, select Assign Control > Property.

Dropdown Pic

In the popup window, select the Global Inheriting Property for which you want to set the current hierarchy as the “Controlling Hierarchy”.

Select Property

Once the “Controlling Hierarchy” is set for the property, view the inheritance while browsing the hierarchy. In the Properties Panel, see the Status column – an icon will appear showing that the Global Inherited Property is derived based upon its “Controlling Hierarchy”.

Show Controlling Hier Inheritance



It seems easy, but sometimes it’s not always intuitive to find where to assign a Controlling Hierarchy – normally I’d expect to see a function like that in the Administer menu or System Preferences.


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