Oracle released a patch for DRM on March 4th, 2015: DRM A few important bugs have been addressed in the patch, with the most relating to Exports, Node Access Groups, Versioning changes, and DRG.

For a full list of defects addressed (and the ones that are still outstanding…) visit the readme. Supported platforms and versions, as well as patch application directions are included (note: you may have to log into your Oracle Support account to access). More information is also available here.

My notes about some of the notable fixes will be in pink.

Export Issues Addressed:

  • Certain export types are not applying the Node Selection setting correctly (All Nodes, Limb Nodes Only, Leaf Nodes Only) (HB – this is a critical fix, as many exports need filtering by leaf or limb)
  • Running Generation Export with Hierarchy Group selection gets error:  “DRM-23067: Export is not runnable.” (HB – running exports by Hierarchy Group is a new feature with, and works fine with Hierarchy exports without patch)

Node Access Issues Addressed:

  • Node access rights not properly enforced for editing custom properties. (HB – Core properties still functioning – Name, Description, Sort Order)
  • Node access rights not properly applied to node in alternate hierarchy.
  • When a request is pushed back to the Submit stage, it is not assigned to any Node Access Group. (Also in DRG section)

Versioning Issues Addressed

  • When copying a version, properties such as Status, Owner and Copy Time may not be correctly populated. (HB – Import because these are key features about creating version backups)
  • As-Of version with the same date offset cannot be created after the original version was deleted and recreated.
  • Workflow metadata cannot be deleted while a version delete is pending. (HB – This is due to the “behind-the-scenes” delete feature that was added in

DRG Issues Addressed:

  • When one of the items in a request fails a real-time validation, the remaining items in the request are still being committed instead of all being rolled back. (HB – this fix is critical to the basic functionality of validations in requests. If the request doesn’t get rolled back, there is no point to having a validation. Much needed fix.)
  • Request activity for the Unclaim action should show no user.
  • When a request is pushed back to the Submit stage, it is not assigned to any Node Access Group. (Also in Node Access Groups Issues List) (HB – Requests that are pushed back need to be pushed back to the appropriate group to handle the request – otherwise an admin user would have to “fix” anything that was pushed back through validation)
  • User name field is not populated for an attachment until the request is saved. (HB – Not a major bug… but it helps!)
  • Hierarchy Group constraint on workflow task property is not correctly limiting the available hierarchies for selection.

Other Notable Fixes:

  • Blending selected hierarchies into version where they do not exist gets error:  “DRM-21026: Invalid target Hierarchy specified” (HB – This is critical for any blending activities during development – adds a step for developers to add a blank hierarchy before blending process, instead of creating it on-the-fly when consolidating development versions)
  • Importing a hierarchy containing a duplicate limb node which has duplicate descendants gets error: “An element with the same key but a different value already exists”
  • When deleting and adding node types via the API, get error “DRM-12150: A Node Type with the name xxx already exists”

Notable Outstanding Issues…  hopefully addressed in a future patch:

  • Core child list and descendant list properties only return the first 100 entries.
  • Node type property search displays “Specified node not found” error for an existing node. (HB – This one is so frustrating!)
  • After upgrade, no way to view version type for Translog export with As-Of version
  • After upgrade, Admin password not reset to value entered during configuration