Oracle released a new patch, version, on June 23, 2015 for Data Relationship Management. You can find the readme here.

There have been quite a few patches for, and you can read my blog on the release. However, so many things have been stacked upon its important to look at the aggregate of the patches (.310 had a lot of usability and “nice to have” changes; .311 only had a couple fixes, but they are hugely important).

Most of the fixes in both patches relate to (surprise!) DRG, performance enhancements, and the usage of the DRM API.

My notes about some of the notable fixes will be in pink.

DRM Patch

Defect 14606340: Dependency checking not functional for java script objects. JavaScript is relatively new to DRM ( release) but dependencies within code needs to be able to be validated before saving objects so objects can be calculated properly; and avoid the “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” type errors.

Defect 17408364: Not able to override the model filter at the workflow task level. DRG bug fix.

Defect 17910872: Parent node selection on workflow task is not in alphanumerical order. DRG usability enhancment.

Defect 18056283: Validation scripts sometimes cannot be saved. This is a pretty key fix – need to be able to save your work! Also if the validations cannot be saved, they can’t be leveraged on other functions, like exports.

Defect 18454097: Install wizard not installing IIS virtual directories in

Defect 18634416: Need better performance on node selector pop-ups. These notoriously are very slow, and sometimes don’t even reap the results of a search properly.

Defect 18637380: Float default value not saved to repository with decimal separator in non EN-US.

Defect 18856166: Slow performance browsing large hierarchies in workflow client. Another DRG enhancement; as more customers adopt DRG this would have been a big pain point!

Defect 19501118: Property dependencies not showing accurately in DRM or migration client.

Defect 19570351: When a request is rejected after lines added, submitting user is unable to copy. This would be key in creating duplicate requests or a follow-up request to counter the rejection.

Defect 19931727: Need ability to have mouse over on property show qualified property name and label. Small usability tweak, not a major enhancement, but a nice-to-have.

Defect 20305345: Parameter “Ancestor Sequence #” not working properly in Generation Export.

Defect 20326714: Generation Export producing different results in Many companies use Generation Exports in other integrations; when applying patches it is key to understand if there are any issues with downstream integrations that could be caused by unanticipated export results.

Defect 20347578: Workflow has 2 items, Add plus Insert. Commit stage can change node name on both. DRG enhancement, as you do not want someone to change the node name on Insert step as the node has already been added in the other step.

Defect 20563463: Workflow task name (not label) displayed on bulk upload form. DRG enhancement for usability -displaying the label is key in Workflow; end users can get confused if the bulk upload form does not match the regular form.

Defect 20638160: List Property allows Null value via action script. For action scripts, its important to understand the dependencies of the action taking place; list properties cannot be empty; therefore this check needs to be in place.

Defect 20655175: CreateBook/UpdateBook API call does not add the BookItem. Standard functionality of creating or updating a book, but called from the DRM API.

Defect 20671302: Hierarchy tree browse does not resize content based on content length.

Defect 20701671: RemoveProp action should not apply to Description property. RemoveProp is an actionscript funciton that allows bulk removes of properties from nodes. Since Description is a System property (with Name) it shouldnt’ be able to be removed as it could cause problems with properties/validations that utilize it.

Defect 20732255: Export book not in conformance with new structure fails to throw error.

Defect 20883082: More than 2 back-to-back splits results in only 2 requests. If splitting a DRG request from one request to 2, and then another a second time, there should be at least 3 requests in the queue.

Defect 20898220: DRM NET JNI Bridge initializing and immediately reaching java max heap size.

Defect 20916928: DRM-61045 error when registering DRM in the Console. This is a “DRM-61045: There is no running CSS bridge process for this application” error, that has to do with the Windows Server version. More information here on OTN.

Defect 21044462: Properties are copying over between request items in the same request. DRG usability fix, some properties need to be filled out brand new for each request item (description, for example); and could users confusion.

Defect 21051440: Changes to Property Definition table are not effective until service restart.

Defect 21078280: Inclusion of required global node property in workflow task disables a string field. Another DRG usability bug.

DRM Patch

Defect 21147577: When adding certain roles (Interactive User, Data Creator, Data Manager, Application Administrator) to a user via API and then trying to retrieve the user details via GetUser(), an exception is returned. Another API fix related to security provisioning. This function works fine within the DRM interface in, but if using a custom web API front end, this would be necessary if doing provisioning through the custom web app.

Defect 21251134: When loading a version into memory from the database, some of the relationships may not load properly causing nodes to be loaded as orphans instead of hierarchy nodes.  Version back-ups to file and Version copies made when this condition exists will restore with orphan nodes.  New version back-ups/copies should be made and confirmed.This is a huge fix; relationships between nodes are why people use DRM – if it isn’t loading properly, nodes aren’t in the right place in a hierarchy or in the orphan bucket, it is a huge problem. Especially if backups and version copies prolong the problem. Major fix right here.

Supported Upgrade Paths

As always when applying patches, it is critical to understand which version you are migrating from and to, and the hardware required/software required/and if the path is supported. Check out the supported upgrade paths below.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 9.46.56 AM

Supported upgrade paths, via the readme.