Interesting quirk I’ve noticed when migrating FDMEE-Cloud from Test to Prod – the Application snapshot does not include Source Systems.

This becomes an issue when migrating FDMEE from environment to another, as Import Formats, and thus Locations and Data Load Rules, are dependent on the Source System and Target System defined. Target systems get defined automatically under “Application Data”.

Under Application Management > Applications > FDM Enterprise Edition, you’ll notice they do not appear in the Artifact List:

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 4.09.27 PM

To get around this issue, I manually created the Source Systems (only Files for PBCS FDMEE right now anyway), and then imported the Import Formats only, then the Locations only, then the rest of FDMEE.

For the whole end-to-end migration this is the order I imported (one at a time):

  1. Shared Services
  2. PBCS App
  3. Calc Manager
  4. FDM Enterprise Edition
    1. (Manually created) Source Systems
    2. Import Formats
    3. Locations
    4. Entire FDMEE folder