Are you an EPM customer that is attending OOW15? While smaller conferences like OAUG Collaborate and ODTUG Kaleidoscope are more focused for the EPM/Hyperion customer, Oracle Open World is really a sea of endless conference sessions that may or may not be relevant to you.

Before making your schedule for OOW15, make sure you understand your relevant “track” and what events are important to you. Obviously, the keynotes are great and offer some big thought-leadership topics – but keep in mind you may have a specific purpose or need to fill for your organization: Are you upgrading FDM to FDMEE in the near future? Are you looking to implement DRM? etc.

Session Catalog can be found here so you can look through sessions and make your schedule for the week. I’d filter by the following to get relevant Hyperion/MDM information:

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.02.56 AM

Today I’m going to be sharing my favorite session picks for the week of OOW15, based upon my interests as an EPM user and the new information Oracle is releasing about future versions of the software. It includes Customer/Partner presentation sessions, Keynote sessions by Oracle leadership, Oracle product roadmap/new release presentations, and the OAUG SIG meeting on Sunday. And don’t worry – I’ve got Treasure Island event with Elton John already blocked off!

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 2.43.46 PM


  • OAUG Hyperion SIG (SIG9878)
    • Moscone West 3003
    • 2:30PM
    • I’ve gone to the Hyperion SIG as a customer – great opportunity to connect and learn about products and solutions with Oracle and other Hyperion users!
    • HFM, Planning, HPBCM, Strategic Finance, FDMEE, etc!
  • Keynote: Larry Ellison, Exec Chairman & CTO at Oracle, Integrated Cloud Applications & Platform Services
    • Moscone North, Hall D
    • 5-7PM
    • Ellison and Brian Krzanich (CEO at Intel) will talk about the big push to the cloud, how the typical “data center”  has evolved, and new cloud product offerings (Note, not just for EPM/Hyperion! It’s all-Oracle messaging).


  • Keynote: Mark Hurd, CEO at Oracle, Vision 2025: Digital Transformation in the Cloud
    • Moscone North, Hall D
    • 9-10AM
    • Mark will discuss (more) cloud, but also the fact that on-prem applications and infrastructure will be around for the foreseeable future. Again, not EPM/Hyperion Specific.
  • CON9534: Customers Present: Using Multiple EPM Products
    • Moscone West – 3020
    • 11AM
    • This session is led by customers of the products that you want to know about – anything EPM related. If you are a struggling current customer or a potential customer, or looking to expand your EPM toolset come and ask tough questions on implementation details/benefits!
  • CON9537: Oracle DRM – Enabling Data Governance
    • Moscone West – 3020 (stay in the same room!)
    • 12:15PM
    • This is a customer case study on DRM and DRG at Invesco – they will discuss process, benefits, and helpful tips on how to do your own DRG implementation! Also features Oracle Director of Product Management for DRM, Rahul Kamath.
  • CON5908: Master Data Through Workflow in Oracle DRM
    • Park Central – City
    • 6PM
    • This session talks more about MDM processing and integration with HFM, Planning, and Essbase, and then how to implement DRG on-top of the central hierarchy repository. It’s also a case study with CooperVision, and the benefits they saw from the DRM/DRG implementation. Anything DRG related is hot right now!


  • CON3011: Upgrade to HFM for Blazing Performance with Oracle Ace Director Eric Helmer
    • Moscone West – 3020
    • 11AM
    • Shameless plug for my husband, Oracle Ace Director Eric Helmer, who is going to go through the technical/infrastructure updates with the release of HFM and how it is significantly increasing performance for customers, and why. If you can’t attend the session, he’s got a great blog on the topic here.
  • CON9528: Oracle EPRCS Update
    • Moscone West – 3020
    • 12:15PM
    • The new Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Services offering – what’s new and coming straight from Oracle.
  • Keynote: Larry Ellison, Exec Chairman & CTO of Oracle, The Secure Cloud
    • Moscone North, Hall D
    • 1:30-3:15PM
    • Security in the cloud is a huge concern for adoption rates, this session will address some of those concerns and how Oracle is getting ahead of the game.
  • CON9516: Oracle FDMEE Update
    • Moscone West – 3020
    • 5:15PM
    • Get an update from Mike Casey and the Oracle team on what is up and coming with FDMEE. I’m hoping for them to talk more about the integration of FDMEE and DRM!
  • CON6211: Boeing: A Data Relationship Management Success Story
    • Moscone West – 3009
    • 5:15PM
    • See how our friends at AdvancedEPM helped successfully implement DRM at Boeing.
  • Honorable Mention: CON9530: Oracle EPM in the Cloud: Strategy and Roadmap
    • Moscone West – 3018
    • 5:15PM
    • I’m already going to be having trouble juggling the FDMEE update and the Boeing DRM Case Study sessions, but if this was at a different time, I would totally go! This session will cover the roadmap to bring all on-premise oracle products into the cloud (or at least have a counterpart in the cloud… I’m looking at you FCCS!)


  • CON9515: Oracle DRM Update
    • Moscone West – 3009
    • 3PM
    • Get a product intro and update from Oracle, including basic functionality and DRG updates from Gilles Demarquet (Director Global EPM Market Development) and Rahul Kamath (Director of Product Management – DRM). I’m looking to see the updates to DRG, and if they mention any of the new integration functionality with FDMEE (mapping tables, metadata pulls into FDMEE, etc).
  • CON9531: Oracle EPM On Premises and Cloud: Taking a Hybrid Approach
    • Moscone West – 3018
    • 4:15PM
    • Oracle is going to break down the types of deployment for EPM applications and how having a hybrid approach could work for your business. Definitely do not want to miss this one if you are looking at the cloud!
    • HB Note!!! Just keep in mind that integration options between on-prem and cloud PBCS are currently limited in this release; with FDMEE (you’d have 2 instances, one on prem and one on the cloud) and you’d still need a server for many functions (EPM Automate, DRM Batch client, etc.) but things should be looking easier from an integration standpoint in the next release.
  • Honorable Mention: CON9519: Oracle ARM Update
    • Moscone West – 3020
    • 4:15PM
    • ARM is one of Oracle’s fastest growing EPM “edge” products, which helps accounting departments with monthly reconciliations by implementing rules, thresholds, and auto-recs. I’d go to this one if it didn’t coincide with the Hybrid deployment session!
  • Treasure Island Appreciation Event!!
    • Treasure Island
    • 6:30PM-12AM
    • You have to have a ticket (full conference pass) to go!
    • Here is the bus schedule
    • The appreciation events are always a good time – games, food, drinks, and great music. This year the musical artists are Elton John and Beck!


  • CON2989: Oracle DRM and Oracle DRG: Bringing JD Edwards and Oracle Hyperion Multidimensional Analytics
    • Moscone West – 3018
    • 1:15PM
    • If you are sticking around and what to know more about implementing DRM & DRG with an combination ERP and EPM environment, spend some time with Grant Thornton on this case study at a manufacturing company.

There you have it! I will be around the expo and hanging out all week – tweet me at @hyperionbarbie or come see me! I’ll tweet my booth info on Monday. Happy #OOW15 everyone!