There is a new patch update for HFM for users, which fixes several bugs. Only applicable to,, and HFM installs.

Most notably is the 20965666 bug defect, of performance being 2x to 3x slower vs. other versions prior to Full list available in the read-me. Supported on Windows and Linux.

Remember, a number of new features were released in the .100 and .101 patches:

New features from the .100 and .101 patch include:

  • The new Application Creation Wizard, which allows you to create a new app with the app settings, calendar, custom dimensions, module configuration. Includes copying an app from existing or an entirely new application. Great for archiving (similar to the copy app utility in previous version releases).
  • Insights dashboard (for Exalytics installs only) which allows the administrators to monitor HFM services and performance and make any preventative actions necessary.
  • Can add number of years to an existing application – not sure if this also includes years prior to the application start year or not, but will also include subsequent years.
  • Journal entries can be created, approved, and submitted via SmartView, instead of only thru Workspace. View properties, create, edit, submit, approve, post, unpost, and delete journals are all included in the new release.
  • On Exalytics, supports Solaris.
  • Can download the log file when uploading Application Elements, like metadata, security, journals, or data files.
  • Closing application(s) via right click menu on tab in Workspace.
  • Seeing Entity Detail reports for Source and Destination transactions.


If you are on the version of HFM, upgrade to this patch and the most recent version of SmartView to simplify the Journal Entry process in Excel, and to reap the befits of the Application Creation Wizard. The wizard is a great way to archive off old reporting, and allow you to make changes to hierarchies and reports without jeopardizing historical record.