A little late, but better than never – on May 10th Oracle announced the release of the most recent DRM patch, This patch expands on the functionality released in the .330 release – which included DRM Analytics. View the readme here (you may need to log into Oracle support to view).

Caveats to installation: If you are on Oracle, and are upgrading from a release prior to the .330 release, you need to update the user provisioning for the Oracle repository. The schema owner must be updated to include the following permissions: GRANT CREATE TYPE, CREATE SEQUENCE TO <user>;

SQL server and anyone already upgraded to the .330 release don’t need to worry.

Infrastructure Recommendation from Oracle:

For Memory Configuration and maximum performance, the Windows pagefile size on the DRM server should be at least 1.1 times the system memory, but with growth up to 1.5 times. Larger system memory (64GB+) will be fine at 1.1. It is not recommended to go below the 1.1 page size – as it can cause performance issues.

Below are a list of new features released in .340 and their benefits. My favorite is the first one!

Common User Provisioning

We thought this would never come! Since DRM is more platform agnostic and isn’t directly tied to the rest of the Oracle EPM suite, security had been “independent” of HSS – and provisioning was handled within DRM separately.

This version of DRM allows the provisioning of external system (LDAP, Active Directory) within Hyperion Shared Services. Easily map HSS groups to the Node Access Groups & Property Categories in DRM, and provision the correct roles to the user. (Note, this doesn’t apply for “native” users within HSS or DRM).

If the DRM application is registered with Shared Services, users are then provisioned within HSS and have it carried over to the DRM application; including external user authentication.

Now those EPM environments can have a centrally managed security hub through HSS!

Integration with Financial Data Quality Management

Expanding on the FDMEE integration, the .340 patch allows DRM to manage Explicit mappings for FDMEE (you need the patch of FDMEE). I’ll be going through this functionality and the benefits of it in an upcoming blog.

Hyperlinks in Workflow Instructions


On the request page of DRG workflows, the model descriptions and workflow task instructions can now contain custom hyperlinks, which can direct a user to more detailed directions for filling out a request or other context.

This is great for linking existing SharePoint guidelines or other documents that will assist in the process, but maybe is a large amount of information for DRG, or contains any pictures or graphics that are not supported in DRG.

Enhanced Find for Implicit Shared Nodes

Shared nodes just became easier to find – while browsing a hierarchy, the “Find” feature includes an option to Include Implicit Shared Nodes to find all of the instances.

This will be a great feature for those doing research / validation on complex hierarchies with multiple shared members.

Exclude Shared Nodes for Unique Property Validations

The Unique property validation classes can now exclude any shared nodes – this is now an option to exclude them. This comes into play for those who want to validate uniqueness for Planning members, but have alternate hierarchies/shared trees that would be deemed “ok” by Planning with the correct Data Storage setting.


Includes UniqueProp, VersionUniqueProp, and VersionUnique2Prop.




.340 Bug Fixes

Below are specific Bugs that have been addressed in the .340 patch for both DRM/DRG core product, as well as a second set for the new DRM Analytics released in the .330 patch. View my review of the .330 patch here.

16050672 – Saving validation gives warning message and then saves opposite.

20555192 – Invalid property type {0} when add members as sibling with derived sort order.

21208809 – Performance impacts on exports due to user security.

21810750 – Performance impacts on action scripts that trigger javascript validations.

21918004 – When installing individual components instead of doing a Complete install, the documentation files only get included with the Application Server component.

22241380 – Performance impacts when browsing large, flat hierarchy.

22370818 – Enriching user unable to see properties submitted until after approval.

22518434 – Performance impacts on node selector dialog when calculating node type.

22526723 – Implicitly shared leaf nodes not showing in hierarchy.

22540494 – In some environments, when attempting to connect to an Oracle database, the DRM Console will close with an unhandled exception.

22547806 – Workflow submit fails when real-time Move validation enabled on hierarchy.

22576102 – Export run via batch client does not handle version parameter with correct precedence.

22609094 – In some cases, the inclusion of a derived Boolean property for informational purposes in a Data Governance Request task may present a error indicating the property cannot be updated when the request is submitted.

22658208 – List property allows update with empty value via action script.

22706145 – Javascript formula unable to return value for Core.SharedMap_MDM

22743357 – When searching for a node not in current view, the found node should be scrolled into view.

22782594 – Selection does not stay on the same node when moving between hierarchies.

22813597 – List properties in workflow task not displaying correctly in IE11.

22813726 – Some text in workflow not translated to French.

22835524 – Property selection issue when adding new validation to a workflow task.

22893822 – Creating external lookup property gets object reference error.

22910781 – Node selector not presenting nodes for move to which user should have access.


The following defects are fixed in this patch for Data Relationship Management Analytics:

22189920 – Workflow requests that get auto-committed will not be reflected in the Analytics module.

22583344 – Analytics module not currently run as a managed service.

22649770 – On login page for Analytics, hitting <Enter> key after typing invalid credentials will display an error page with “Internal Server Error”

22665638 – Using certain regional settings, new nodes in a newly added version may not be reflected in the Growth dashboard.

22666625 – Uninstall process for Analytics module should be more fully documented.

22916833 – User with Data Manger role should be able to see all versions in Change dashboard without being granted node access.