Today’s Quick Tip for EPM Cloud Integration – I found a very helpful reference today in the most recent EPM Automate guide and thought you might like to have it handy.

For those of you new to the EPM cloud, EPM Automate is a tool designed to manage data, calculations backups, and other activities for your Oracle Cloud instances, including PBCS/EPBCS, FCCS, PCMCS, and TRCS and ARCS.

Oracle’s new master data cloud product, EDMCS (Enterprise Data Management Cloud Service) is joining the pack, and has now been included in the EPM Automate guide. However, the current list of commands for EDMCS is quite limited. How do I know? They’ve updated the available commands by product chart (EDMCS on far right):


You’ll notice that for EDMCS, the only commands that are available are related to snapshots/backups, user reports, and uploading/downloading files.

However, one major action is still missing: exporting data. Hopefully this feature is coming soon. To be clear, users can still export data from EDMCS using the export feature within the tool, but it is manual.


EDMCS is <hopefully> going to be released in early 2018, likely January. However, if you are interested in learning more about EDMCS and its initial capabilities – either send me a note at or stay tuned for some upcoming blog posts.