As many of you know, I spend most of my days within the Oracle EPM cloud applications, mainly EDMCS. However, lately I’ve been expanding my footprint (and login URLs) into other Oracle cloud technologies. One thing I think Oracle does extremely well is provide customization capabilities to make your cloud app feel like it belongs to you.

Oracle calls these “themes” – different colors, fonts, icons, and sizes available to the UI of the Cloud SaaS applications. It’s important to note that only administrator users have the ability to adjust the themes, and when it is deployed all users will see that theme when logged into their Oracle Cloud application.

The themes assist users visually to know which application they are in – a lot of times in implementation, we’ll set a theme and logo to be a specific color for the TEST app vs. DEV app vs. PROD, etc. By differentiating the color by environment, it will cut down on the amount of confusion or potential mess-ups stemming from being in the wrong app!

Oracle Fusion Themes

For Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications (Financials ERP / Supply Chain Management / Customer Experience / Human Capital Management), Theme customization comes in form the Appearance feature. Compared to EPM Cloud, Oracle Fusion has a lot more flexibility in customization options for your theme. It comes, out of the box, with predefined 16 themes! And from there, you can customize font, background colors, icon shapes, etc. to meet your organization’s needs. For full details Themes and all the options, reference the Oracle documentation here.

Changing the appearance starts by first creating a Sandbox, then defining the Appearance configuration.

After logging in, I go to the Navigator and go to Configuration > Sandboxes and make my own Sandbox. I name my sandbox (KH_Appearnce Test) and add the Appearance tool, and press “Save and Enter”. Yes I am aware that I misspelled “Appearance” 🙂

Once I enter my Sandbox, I enter the Appearance Tool. This gives me a bunch of editing options for the UI grouped into 4 main areas: General, Navigation Icons, Pages, and Buttons.

You can select different themes from the Themes dropdown, it comes with 16 Predefined color options, and any customized/saved Themes on the right:

You can customize your own theme by working in the General/Navigation Icons/Pages/Buttons sections. You can see in my screenshot, I created my own background color in the General section – HyperionBarbie pink. I also uploaded my logo.

Also, I changed my Navigator Icons from Solid to Outlined. You can see the difference in the Preview panel on the right:

Once I’m ready to see a Preview, I select “Apply” to save my changes, and then select “Preview as if Published“:

Here’s HyperionBarbie HQ’ theme in Preview mode! In order for this to show to all users, I’d need to Publish my Sandbox.

Oracle EPM Cloud Themes

Oracle EPM Cloud has a slimmed down version of the capabilities of the Fusion applications. For Planning & Budgeting (PBCS & EPBCS), Financial Close (FCCS), Profitability & Cost Management (PCMCS), and Account Reconciliation (ARCS), you are able to either link to or upload a pic for the top left corner of your application (I talked about it here for EDMCS) or the background, and pick one of 12 pre-defined “Themes”.

To customize the interface, go to the Tools card, and click Appearance.

Select a Theme from the dropdown and press “Save” in the top right corner to see the results:

Here’s a visual comparing all 12 EPM Cloud themes. I spent way too much time on this!

You’ll notice Enterprise Data Management Cloud Service (EDMCS) is missing from the list above. Currently, EDMCS only supports the Light Blue and Dark Blue themes. However, supposedly the new “Redwood” theme is coming out for EDMCS later this year.

One other difference, EDMCS allows you to upload an image for the instead of providing a URL: