Your Hot Pink Guide to Oracle EPM

About HyperionBarbie

I’m Kate Helmer (Jarratt), an Oracle Hyperion EPM consultant based out of Dallas, TX.

I focus on the design, development, and implementation of EPM/ERP/MDM solutions, mainly leveraging Oracle products. Lately, I’ve been working a lot in Oracle EDMCS, Cloud Financials ERP, and Customer Data Management.

I received designation as Oracle ACE in July 2020.

Please feel free to comment or drop me a line at or on twitter, @hyperionbarbie, if you have any questions or topics you’d like to discuss.

3 thoughts on “About HyperionBarbie

  1. Hi kate, your topics helped me a lot with my New EDMCS project, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Now, we are upgrading our EPM systems from to 11.2. In our existing version, we completely depended on EPMA, but in latest version we don’t have that, we would like to use DRM lite version. Kindly share your thoughts on this? and what’s the best practice to use DRM lite incase of moving from EPMA.

    1. DRM lite means you can only use DRM as you did with EPMA – so you cannot expand usage outside of your Hyperion applications (HFM, Planning). No inbound feeds or outbounds to other target systems. If you have EDMCS, why not use that instead of DRM?

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