Oracle released a new DRM patch last Friday, September 16 for DRM – It was a small update, but had a decent impact on DRG bugs. Most notably, if you are uploading bulk DRG requests from a file, if the file had blank lines at the end – it no longer makes DRM hang / crash! Yay! This patch also does not have any effect on DRM Analytics at all, for those of you that have installed and started to use the new module.

The patch requires a fresh installation, and if you are not yet on at all, you’ll also need to update Foundation Services to, too. (But honestly, if you aren’t on DRM yet, what are you waiting for?!)

I’ve haven’t done a patch roundup since PSU, so I also included the updates for DRM, DRG, and Analytics that are fixed from the If you are upgrading from an older release, definitely check out the new features from the .330 and .340 PSUs, before looking at the bug-fix heavy .341 and .342 PSUs.

For more detailed information, visit the readme before installing. Bug Fixes

Below are the bug fixes for the .342 patch, any notes in hot pink with “HB” are my opinion/context. The bugs fixed in this release were mainly for DRG.

23206774 – Uploading requests from file that contains extra blank lines causes the upload process to not complete. HB – yay for input file checking 🙂

24305531 – Editable Boolean property with True value can incorrectly change to False at workflow approval stage.  HB – these are for values that are “editable” at an Enrichment stage, then can turn from True to False by the time they get to the Approval stage

24344955 – JavaScript validation on move operation gets unexpected null reference error when trying to reference value set before the move.

24355659 – Workflow request with defined string property does not display current overridden value in the new value field.

24375436 – Workflow incorrectly using explicit blank value when clearing properties. HB – this is important, because if a property is cleared, it still may be defaulting or derived to something and shouldn’t be using a blank in those cases Bug Fixes

Below are the bug fixes for the .341 patch that was released on July 7, 2016, any notes in hot pink with “HB” are my opinion/context. There were a lot of bugs fixed in this release, including one for DRM Analytics.

21674948 – Cannot clear and save the value of a List Group property.

21950498, 23084107 – Version save error can cause stranded Baseline versions. HB – this can cause huge issues! Baselines or “ghosting” versions can be living in your database unattached. Great fix.

22257123 – Repeatedly opening and closing property definition can cause:  “HTTP Error 400. The size of the request headers is too long”

22782594 – Selection does not stay on the same node when moving between hierarchies. HB – usability issue, this can be annoying if you are doing research between hierarchies and have to continually search for the spot you left behind. Coincidentally, have a pet peeve on this when searching on the admin menu and flipping back from an object, the search results are gone. Sigh.

22862180 – Generation export displays incorrect ancestor chain for implicit shared nodes when there is an extra limb node between the shared node and the leaf.

22972578 – Formula function NodePropValue not handling null reference correctly causes error in workflow: “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” HB – this is a good fix, as NodePropValue is used in a lot of derivations.

23019639 – Validation dependency check causes error: “An error occurred while running validations: DRM-63014: Parent object PropertyDefinition:Custom.prop1 references a missing child object PropertyDefinition:prop2. Before this process can be run, Custom.prop1 must be updated to resolve the missing PropertyDefinition.”

23063594 – Migration utility alllows loading property with spaces in the name.

23098294 – Workflow does not process conditional stage correctly for Insert task. HB – pretty critical bug fix for DRG, “if this condition is met, Insert” is a pretty common need.

23139193 – Workflow task does not display floating point values consistently based on language setting.

23173391 – Workflow task with derived Boolean property not processed correctly.

23195401 – API call searchForNodesInHier does not return ParentName in response as expected.

23254470 – Apply Updates to repository gets error: “Violation of Primary Key constraint ‘PkRmConnectionAllowedTable’. Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘dbo.RM_Connection_Allowed_Table. The statement has been terminated.”

23270834 – Hierarchy Difference export on Structure and Core.Parent property gets error “DRM-23081: Export was unable to run due to the following error: An item with the same key has already been added.”

23317394 – Generation export using fixed width columns does not retain updates to column widths.

23341151 – Unable to expand specific hierarchy when nodes per page set to 1000.

23538440 – Expanding to implicit shared node hides remainder of hierarchy.

23595066 – Unable to find certain nodes in hierarchy based on how many levels are expanded.

Data Relationship Management Analytics Bug Fixes in PSU .341

23206797 – On Change Dashboard, updating the filter while the Graph View page is displayed can cause incorrect count for Property Changes.  Applying the filter again on List View page will resolve the issue.